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Welcome to TWA Blog Tuesday, January 23 2018 @ 01:32 AM UTC

Poll Topic: Tell us your opinion about the new site!

1:Can you read everything on the website?

  •  Very Readable
  •  Somewhat Readable
  •  Neutral
  •  Somewhat Non-readable
  •  Very Non-readable

2:What is your overall impression of our new site?

  •  Very Impressed
  •  Somewhat Impressed
  •  Neutral
  •  Somewhat Disappointed
  •  Very Disapointed

3:Do you think the webmaster is doing a good job?

  •  Strongly Agree
  •  Somewhat Agree
  •  Neutral
  •  Somewhat Disagree
  •  Strongly Disagree

4:Do all the links works as they should?

  •  yes
  •  no

5:Does the webpage load properly in you web browser?

  •  yes
  •  no

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