Minutes of December 2017 TWA Meeting

The regular monthly meeting of TWA was held on December 9th, 2017 at Chantilly's Restaurant in Barnesville PA. Presiding was WY3K. The meeting was called to order at 18:45 The following members were present;


The minutes of the November 2017 regular monthly meeting have been posted to the club website. A motion was made to approve them, as posted, by KC3CRS and seconded by N3OGG which passed by a -unanimous vote.

The November 2017 Treasurer's Report was then read by KB3AYY. A motion was made to approve them by K3TE and seconded by N3OGG which passed by a unanimous vote .

1) ARES: County EC

2) VE Session: WY3K
Dates for the 2018 VE sessions were announced. All VE sessions will be the first Saturday in April, June, August and November. The Tamaqua Borough Hall has been reserved for these dates.

3) Schuylkill County Emergency and Traffic Net Mgr.; KC3CRS
Nothing to report

4) Application for membership;
One application for Honorary Membership was presented to the membership by K3VNN. Motion to accept the application and upgrade the membership to a Regular member when applicant receives his license was made by K3TE and seconded by K3ROS. Passed unanimously.

5) Technical Committee Chairman: K3TE;
Tuning of the new amplifier and duplexer for the Mountain Valley site was discussed. A motion was made by KB2MXV and seconded by K3VNN to approve up to $150 for tuning the new amplifier. Motion passed unanimously.

6) Antenna Crew: KA3FUL
Nothing to report.

7) Club Bulletin: K3TE
Will be out by the end of the month.

8) TWA Website: KC3DXS
Up to date

9) Club Archives: K3TE
Up to date.

10) Old Business & Correspondence;
The slate of officers elected at November's meeting were installed.

11) New Business;
K3TE put forth that since we have expanded our equipment so much in the previous months, to have KB3AYY look into the insurance and expand coverage if necessary to include both liability and equipment loss. A motion was made by KC3CRS and seconded by KA3FUL. Motion passed unanimously.

12) Good of the Association;
KC3DXS announced that the pens bearing the club name were donated by K3VNN. KC3DXS also announced that K3VNN had purchased a Motorola DMR repeater and was donating it to the club. K3VNN also set things in motion to find the DMR repeater a home on top of Nativity High School in Pottsville at approx. 1100 feet above sea level. That will give us line of site on Mountain Valley for linking as well as access to many points in Schuylkill County west of Pottsville. It was also decided that every Wednesday night there would be a Round Table Net on the TWA repeater system beginning at 7PM.

Motion to Adjourn made N3OGG and seconded by KC3CRS