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Tamaqua Wireless Association Meeting Agenda
1) ARES: County EC

2) VE Session: WY3K

3) Schuylkill County Emergency and Traffic Net Mgr.; KC3CRS
New Emergency Services Net Preamble.

4) Application for membership;
KC3CEY Membership Application

5) Technical Committee Chairman: K3TE;
Repeater Linking

6) Antenna Crew: KA3FUL

8) Club Bulletin: K3TE

9) TWA Website: KC3DXS
Members Section
Archive page still being worked on.

10) Club Archives: K3TE

11) Old Business & Correspondence;
Disposition of the antenna removed from the Mountain Valley tower.
Email from Secretary of Anthracite Repeater Association
Phone call from WB3HVJ

12) New Business;
Solar Eclipse QSO Party operations, K3VNN,KC3DXS,KB3CFV at grove (operating under W3CMA) 10AM till 6PM We need logging software to submit logs to ARRL

13) Good of the Association;